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WiSys helps great ideas—born on Universities of Wisconsin campuses—reach the wider world by connecting inventors and businesses with the resources they need.

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WiSys is a non-profit supporting organization of the Universities of Wisconsin, serving as the dedicated technology transfer office for 11 universities.

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Leaders from across Wisconsin attend visioning session for advancing sustainable agriculture in Wisconsin

Over 40 leaders from private, public, and government sectors from across Wisconsin came together in Madison on Monday, December 4, for a visioning workshop for the WiSys-led NSF Engine Development Grant for Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in Wisconsin. 

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WiSys-led partnership wins $1 million NSF grant to make Wisconsin a global leader in sustainable ag

The NSF Engines Development Award, “NSF Engines Development Award: Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in Wisconsin,” will support a partnership of 30 organizations from across the state as they lay the groundwork to develop an ambitious, effective and credible 'regional innovation engine' that harnesses the region's talent and intellectual capital to make Wisconsin a global leader in sustainable agriculture.

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